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  • Is short term letting right for you?
    Short-term rentals are the perfect choice when you want to lease your property for a limited duration, providing guests with a wonderful alternative to hotels or serviced apartments. Private rental accommodations are highly sought after by tourists, business professionals on work assignments, individuals exploring new areas, those visiting friends, or those requiring temporary housing during renovations or while waiting to move into a new residence. By opting for short letting, hosts can enjoy the flexibility of staying in their property when it's vacant, while also generating extra income during those periods. Additionally, properties located in tourist hotspots have the potential to yield very appealing returns.
  • Why should I use a management company?
    Take a Break Hosting, as a short let management company, can effortlessly handle the complexities of renting out your property while ensuring you receive maximum returns. Setting up a property for rental and its ongoing management demand considerable effort and expertise. However, many hosts lack the time to undertake these tasks. With Take a Break Hosting, you can rely on an established and experienced short let and Airbnb management company to take care of your property and its rental needs efficiently and effectively. Our experience within the industry make us the perfect partner to manage your property on a short let basis.
  • Do you operate nationwide?
    Yes, based in the heart of the midlands we provide short term let and Airbnb management across the UK and some select destinations abroad; please get in touch with us to find out if we can cover your property.
  • Can I block book out dates that I want to use my property?
    Yes, you can block out any periods you want to use; just contact us, and we can block it out for you.
  • Is there a minimum period that I can rent my property for?
    There is no minimum limit, but generally, the more availability and the longer the property is available, the better the chance to get bookings. Also, the further in advance the property is available to rent is better than providing last-minute availability as you will be limited to last-minute bookers at lower rates.
  • Do you work with other sites other than Airbnb?
    Yes, we cover all the main short-term rental advertising sites such as Airbnb and, Expedia, Vrbo and many others are used so we can get you maximum returns. We have a dedicated team that will keep track of all your property bookings, which ensures there are no crossovers between stays booked on different platforms.
  • What if I don't have my property listed on Airbnb or other sites?
    We will create your listing and then get it listed on all the leading booking channels. We use software to ensure that the property details and pricing are consistent across all booking channels and that calendars are synced to avoid double bookings.
  • What happens once I apply?
    One of our team members will get in touch within two business days to discuss your home and what you're looking for. If everything seems like a good fit, we'll arrange a home visit to meet you and see your fantastic home in person. During the visit, we can give you pricing advice, suggest ways to maximize your earnings, explain more about our service, and answer any other questions you may have. It's a great opportunity to get to know each other better!
  • What happens after I agree to partner with you?
    Once the contract is signed, you'll be introduced to your dedicated Account Manager, who will work closely with you. Their goal is to understand everything about your home, ensuring that any guest enquiries are handled smoothly. During this process, we'll explore all the unique qualities and charm of your home, learning precisely how everything works, from the boiler to the coffee machine. By the end of it, we'll be well-equipped to care for your home just as you do. At the same time, we'll conduct a professionally styled photoshoot to showcase your home in the best light possible. We'll use these captivating images to craft a detailed and inspiring home description, highlighting your home's finest features, and even sharing any essential details that our guests should be aware of.
  • How much could I earn?
    This depends on many factors, such as the area your property is located in, the size and finish of the property, the time of the year, the level of accommodation available in the area, etc. Please contact us to enquire, how much your property could make.
  • Are there any onboarding costs?
    Depending on the property’s condition and location, there might be some onboarding costs. For example, we might need to take new photographs or deep clean the property before accepting bookings. Other cost factors are linen, bed sheets, bath towels, amenities and appliances. We can advise on if this is needed.
  • How does Take a Break Hosting prepare my home for a guest stay?
    Before a guest checks in, our professional housekeeping team prepares your home to our exact standards including supplying linens, towels and toiletries. We take care of them during their stay and support them 24/7, ensuring you are not disturbed. When guests depart, our housekeeping team returns to clean, and return everything to exactly how you left it. *Cleaning hosting package purchased by owner
  • How do guests check-in?
    We offer a self-check-in service. Guests can self-check-in using a variety of options to enable self-check-in, such as key locks, key storage points or smart locks. Self-check-in gives more flexibility for guests, especially if they are travelling, as it means they do not have to worry if they are delayed or when they arrive.
  • How do you screen potential guests?
    We check out the reviews from past hosts about the guests and make sure they're verified. If we have any doubts, we might even reach out to the guests to double-check everything.
  • Do you manage pricing?
    Pricing management is integral to our service as our commission is based on maximising your bookings. We will only make money if you do!
  • How will I be paid for guest stays?
    We pay homeowners directly into their bank accounts in local currency on a monthly basis.
  • Can I list my home with other companies?
    As part of our Property Management package, we collaborate exclusively with homeowners who are open to providing us exclusivity. If you presently have your home listed on another website, we require your commitment to work solely with Take a Break Hosting in the future (though you can still honour any existing bookings made on other platforms).
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